Silver: Robert Morris at Sonnabend

by Whitney Kimball on September 26, 2013 Color Wheel

"Labyrinth" at Sonnabend. (Image courtesy of the gallery)

Color Wheel is a new series in which we identify a trending color in art for the week and post a daily image that illustrates its popularity. This week’s color is silver. Readers are invited to send us images they have on hand so long as they match the profiled colors and we’ll post the best ones we receive.

As our readers have learned from this week’s Color Wheel, silver  is a versatile color– from its use in sleek wall-sized mirrors to its symbolic association with the chains of oppression. Today, silver appears in Robert Morris’s “Labyrinth,” now installed in Sonnabend’s courtyard. It’s a maze of chainlink fence which supposedly embodies an ancient metaphor for losing and finding oneself. We have yet to confirm that in person, but we will say this: “Labyrinth” definitely embodies this week’s color, which is silver.

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