Pepto-Bismol (Pink): Anne Truitt at Matthew Marks Gallery

by Paddy Johnson on October 4, 2013 Color Wheel

Anne Truitt

Color Wheel is a new series in which we identify a trending color in art for the week and post a daily image that illustrates its popularity. This week’s color is Pepto Bismol (pink). Readers are invited to send us images they have on hand so long as they match the profiled colors and we’ll post the best ones we receive.

What a great Anne Truitt exhibition at Matthew Marks Gallery. You wouldn’t think a bunch of painted wood columns would be all that exciting, but every time I see the work, their elegance surprises me. While I write that in earnest, I still think the reverence applied to the work in this video promoting the show is ridiculous; see if you can get through all the slow pans they’ve stitched together.

Anyway, as it happens, there’s a lot of pink in this exhibition, which makes it a perfect candidate for Color Wheel. It’s just one more bit of further evidence that this color is trending–and has been for 40 years! This work was made in the 70s, and with painter Phillip Guston around, we know she wasn’t the only one into the color! Anne Truitt, a trailblazing trendsetter in the world of pink.

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