Week One: Overrated, Underrated Exhibitions

by Corinna Kirsch on November 5, 2013 · 1 comment Dream Exhibitions

Dream Exhibitions is a new weekly series that asks artists, writers, curators, and other creative types what exhibition they’d like to curate or go see, regardless of time, money, or space. Each week, we publish three to five new “dream exhibitions” submissions. Everyone’s invited, so dream a big dream, and send it our way. (Corinna Kirsch, corinna@artfcity.com)

This week, our submissions leap across the poles of silliness and seriousness, with a bit of art-historical fascination and institutional critique thrown in for good measure.

Marilyn Minter, artist and curator

I would curate a show called OVERRATED/UNDERRATED at Gagosian on 24th Street. I would include the artists I think are overrated and underrated, but I wouldn’t say which was which. And I wouldn’t give any hints either.

Alex McLeod, artist

A curated show of favorite food-related oversized plushies. It’ll investigate memories of comfort—yadda, yadda. Just wanna see giant box of fries in a gallery, really.

Editor’s note:

Corinna: Doesn’t Claes Oldenburg have some squishy fries?

Claes Oldenburg verified as a fries-maker.

Alex: Ya, true, true. But they are custy looking. Like I’m thinking velvet-covered plushy. Maybe light high luster. Pizza Luxe can be the title.

Craig Monteith, artist, curator, and gallerist

It’s not really a dream show (I just now came up with this and think I can talk to the guys at Signal Gallery about actually putting it on) but I want to get these pro-wrestlers to put on a wrestling event: They set up a ring and everything.

Todd Bienvenu, "Royal Rumble," 2013.

Then hang Todd Bienvenu’s wrestling paintings on the walls around the ring in the center. Maybe some other artists who deal with wrestling subject matter.

Ben Macaulay, linguist

I’m not very art anymore but last night I had a dream that I was trapped in a haunted house with the cast of Sex and the City and they had all their banal relationship problems in addition to haunted-house problems. The question is, can it be done in a gallery?

(Wow. I just realized “dream exhibitions.”)

Also because Chomsky says that language is entirely housed in this magical human-only brain chunk (Universal Grammar), there are some trolls—like the hot guy in my subfield—who look into how much language animals can handle as a control. The hot guy is about to do an experiment where he trains budgies to respond to one- and two-syllable utterances so he can see what they think of really complicated Russian words. I bet that budgie would do well in a gallery, maybe we could train one to respond to good/bad art.

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MWilmink November 5, 2013 at 4:36 pm

If you’re going to curate the wresting one, you should look at Terrance Houle’s National Indian Leg Wrestling League of North America. http://vimeo.com/54952315

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