You, Too, Can Have Mark Rothko’s Bloody Socks

by Whitney Kimball on December 7, 2013 Newswire


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We heard it at last night’s Hyperallergic party, and it’s true! Now diehard fans of artist tragedy have their own T-shirt, of sorts: feast your eyes on The Rothko Socks, replicas of the bloodstained socks which Mark Rothko was wearing at the time of Game 2 of the 2004 World Series his suicide. You can get a pair for 35 bucks at Printed Matter.

Why the bloodstains, again? Oh, yeah: because he slit his arms with fucking razor blades.We’d probably feel differently about this if we were related to Rothko, but: Christ. Never has anybody so elegantly distilled an artist biography into total asshattery. The socks are a project by Art & Clothes, a collective of Bernat Daviu, Enric Farres, and an anonymous third member who are examining the consumption of identity myth. It’s all there in the description:

These socks are a replica of the pair the great American painter Mark Rothko was wearing at the time of his suicide. Such a tragic event affirms a palette of colours which characterise the artist’s profound existential preoccupations.

At least… it’s for a very special art fan. Coming up next, the Kazimir Malevich new world order baby bib.


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