Keylo Creates May 20, 2014 at 10:05 am

I see you’ve conveniently deleted my first comment because it doesn’t agree with your artistic views so I’ll repost again with Disqus..

AirBnB does well at offsetting the phenomenally high rent in your New York City apartment by filling that unused bedroom which, for whatever reason, has suddenly become available. The numbers falling somewhere between actual rent and the price of a hotel room are attractive to people willing to live short periods with strangers. The obvious upside is that you can potentially turn a profit, if not live roommate free part of the year. But while this scenario might fare well in less expensive communities, there is an enormous downside for cities like New York.

The potential profit enables spaces to remain vacant while still commanding more than if a space were to be rented for a set price by the year. This drives prices up while inhibiting actual habitation! This can be easily evidenced by searching for space months at a time. You’ll find that the same spaces are available by the day, months in advance as are available for entire year spans. This means that the space is empty and available all year round and that the owner is not able to rent the space to local tenants because they have already leased parts of that upcoming year out. In short, the owner has no interest in renting to prospective tenants at a reasonable market price. This makes it unlivable for the average up and coming artist to survive by any means but to fall in line with corporate structure, which in turn squashes any thought of disseminating a message that doesn’t promote a product or might be subversive.

As an artist I am also miffed that your article uses our likeness to try to rally support for businesses that do just fine on their own. To justify the raking of large profit while employing an imbalanced amount of human contribution is to take part in the cause of our society’s current trajectory. If this were truly a tool to be fought for it’s services would be contributed as it’s good natured predecessor CraigsList does. This is shameless promotion to come of an Arts publication. If you are going to run ads label this an opinion piece so that others are not deceived.

Keylo Creates May 20, 2014 at 10:06 am

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