This Week’s Must-See Art Events: Art About Time, and Bushwick Open Studios

by Paddy Johnson and Whitney Kimball on May 27, 2014 · 1 comment Events

Joe Brittain, from "Methodized and Corrected" (Image courtesy of

Joe Brittain, from “Methodized and Corrected” (Image courtesy of

Time: a universal topic in art, but especially prominent in this week’s art events. Thinkers Tacita Dean, R. H. Quaytman, John Powers, and Marco Antonini are just a few who will be taking on time as subject matter.

It is also time to start planning for Bushwick Open Studios. This post covers the several Bushwick galleries and satellite fair which will be opening for this week’s massive open studio walk. Coming up next: AFC’s picks for artist studios. Stay tuned!

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Kunsthalle Galapagos

16 Main Street
7-9 PMWebsite

Wagmag Benefit

Brooklyn’s best art listing magazine holds their benefit tonight. Only 20 dollars admission, or $200 for a raffle ticket that gets you a work of art. That includes work by Deborah Brown, Phillip Beuheler, Jennifer Dalton/Jeffier McKoy, Karen Marston, Carol Salmonson, Michael Scoggins, Julia Whitney Barnes. Get your tickets now.


David Lewis Gallery

88 Eldridge St. Fifth floor
7 PMWebsite

Panel: “The Shape of Time”

Who’s a better authority on the subject of time than Dawn Kasper, who’s been a living sculpture, or R.H.Quaytman, who paints in chapters? They’ll be discussing the topic on a panel with filmmaker Sadie Benning, screenwriter and theorist Laurie Weeks, and critic Rachel Haidu, amongst Kasper’s latest performance installation “& sun & or THE SHAPE OF TIME”.

Kasper will be performing with her installation every Saturday and Sunday from 2-4 PM, and intermittently on weekdays.

White Columns

320 West 13th Street

Escape From Witch Mountain

Dirty Looks, New York’s roving film-screening series, does a fine job at digging up obscure queer video. This time around, they’re screening works by outspokenly gay Thai filmmaker Thunksa Pansittivorakul; he began making politically charged works in light of the country’s ongoing instability. For a glimpse into what videomaker Aimee Goguen will contribute to the evening, we suggest watching “See Dog Read,” a sexy, soapy short full of slapping, sucking, and grabbing.

980 Madison Ave, 3rd Floor

6:00 - 9:00 PMWebsite

The Journal Gallery at Venus Over Manhattan

Good news for fans of the new Art Brut: Venus Over Manhattan gives it space over to a retrospective of artists who have defined The Journal Gallery, in honor of its tenth anniversary. Their Brooklyn aesthetics have long since taken the other side of the river by storm. Artists include Rita Ackermann, Brian Belott, Joe Bradley, Sarah Braman, Graham Collins, Peter Demos, Ida Ekblad, Jeff Elrod, Leo Gabin, Daniel Hesidence, Kika Karadi, Chris Martin, Eddie Martinez, Dan McCarthy, Sam Moyer, Dan Rees, Leif Ritchey, Bill Saylor, Chris Succo, Michael Williams, and Jeff Zilm.

Lynch Tham

175 Rivington Street
6-8 PMWebsite

Walter Robinson

Everyone’s favorite artist-critic Walter Robinson gives us a show of new paintings based on middlebrow shopping adverts. From Target to JC Penney, from sweaters to galoshes, he’s scoured the whole damn mall until there’s nothing left to reveal.



52 Orchard Street
6-8 PMWebsite

"Personal Prehistories"

Matthew Day Jackson might find some kindred spirits in the group show “Personal Prehistories”; artists Joe Brittain, Ethan Greenbaum, Kristen Jensen, and Davide Zucco seem to take an epic, multi-century view of art, favoring the look of Prehistoric artifacts or Warholian apocalypse.
This show is brought to you by NURTUREArt’s Director Marco Antonini, a man who sees a ton of art.

Peter Blum

20 West 57th Street
6-8 PMWebsite


This looks like a more bluechip version of “Personal Prehistories”, with artworks which operate on a vast timeline. Among those are Humma Babba’s post-apocalyptic artifacts, Tacita Dean’s apocalyptic photogravures, and Guillermo Faivovich and Nicolas Goldberg’s two halves of a 4,000 year old sacred meteorite.
This is probably not your typical summer painting show.
The full artist list:
John Beech, Huma Bhabha, Tacita Dean, Faivovich and Goldberg, Jonathan Marshall, Isabel Nolan, Nam June Paik, Luisa Rabbia


The 1896

592 Johnson Avenue

NEWD Art Show

Normally we wouldn’t list a satellite fair during Bushwick Open Studios, but with its plan for artist resale royalties contracts and its involvement of Brooklyn-based artist-centric exhibitors (including Regina Rex, American Medium, Residency Unlimited and Theodore Art), the NEWD show offers plenty of good reasons to plan a stop. Panels promise much-needed reflection on gentrification and the issues facing emerging artists. The full schedule below:

Friday May 30
2pm: “Emerging Artists in the $1 Billion Contemporary Art Market”
Moderator: Andrew M. Goldstein, Editor-in-Chief of Artspace
Josh Baer, Publisher of Baer Faxt
Rob Davis, artist
Lowell Pettit, Co-Director of Pettit Art Partners

Friday May 30
4pm: “Exhibiting Emerging Artists in the Era of Blockbuster Shows”
Moderator: Jens Hoffmann, Deputy Director, The Jewish Museum
Rujeko Hockley, Assistant Curator, Brooklyn Museum
Thomas J. Lax, Assistant Curator, The Studio Museum
Margot Norton, Assistant Curator, New Museum

Saturday May 31
2pm: “Presentation of Level Rights’s Negotiated Resale Rights Platform”
Franklin Boyd, Founder of Level Rights

Sunday June 1
2pm: “Sustaining Art Communities in the Face of Gentrification”
Moderator: Hrag Vartanian, Editor-in-Chief of Hyperallergic
Deborah Brown, Founder of Storefront 10 Eyck
William Powhida, artist



54 Franklin Street

+time closing reception

Star Wars Modern fans should take this last opportunity to see John Powers’ solo show at Postmasters (yet another show which focuses on time). There is no “show” in the traditional sense, but an evolving set of structures from building blocks, which Powers has been stacking, towering, and taking apart over the past four weeks to create various iterations (see the website). We particularly appreciate this press release, which, for once, helps us to gain a better insight into the artist’s practice:

“Land surveying and preliminary building if isolated into discrete stages may be viewed as an array of art works that vanish as they develop,” Smithson cooly observed. Likewise, for Powers, sculpture develops as an array, but not as an array of predetermined tasks– like the processes Smithson was enamored with. For Powers, sculpture begins– not with the image of a final object– but with an initial condition. Moving outwards, in a series of small improvisation, each one, a possible end point; each an opening on to another improvisation.

So even if you’ve already seen the show, now’s a good time to go back. While you’re there, you’ll get to see Eva and Franco Mattes’ “By Everyone, For No One, Everyday”.

Storefront Ten Eyck

Ten Eyck Street
7-10 PMWebsite

"Inhabiting Ten Eyck"

During Bushwick Open Studios, Storefront Ten Eyck celebrates a year in its new location by asking artists to make site-specific installation. We’re not so much interested in that proposal, as we are the prospect of what this group might produce together. How will Julie Schenkelberg’s gritty garbage-assemblage mesh with Devon Dikeou’s subtle aesthetics of power? We don’t know, but based on the number of installation artists in this show, we’re expecting a blow-out.

The full artist list:
Lisa Beck / Devon Dikeou / Nathan Dilworth / Dave Eppley
Julie Evans / Ivelisse Jimenez / Beth Krebs / Rita MacDonald / Matt Miller
Elizabeth Riley / Julie Schenkelberg / Peter Soriano
Etty Yaniv / Rachel Mica Weiss

Curated by Karin Bravin

1717 Troutman Street

Saturday and Sunday

1717 Troutman Galleries: “Body As Omen”, Underdonk Benefit

1717 Troutman will be a must-stop on the Bushwick Open Studios trip. While you’re there, make sure to stop by all of the galleries; it might be your last chance to see them all in the same building. Parallel and Harbor continue their shows; Underdonk will be having a benefit show to fund its move; Ortega y Gasset will be hosting two afternoons of performances, which seem to be running noticeably low on this year’s BOS program. All Saturday and Sunday afternoons, you’ll find body-themed performances by artists Ryder Cooley, Frank Haines, Maria Hupfield,Rachel Mason, Baker Overstreet, Geo Wyeth. Schedule here:

Transfer Gallery

1030 Metropolitan Ave
6-11 PMWebsite

Giselle Zatonyl: Discrete Systems

After a full day of open studios, unravel your brain with soothing organic 3D bloblike shapes of Giselle Zatonyl. For her first show at Transfer, Zatonyl will be making “discrete systems” which mirror the empty rhythms of meaningless and ceaseless consumption on social media. “Organic and soothing qualities appear, which in turn shape their environment– a system in which to assimilate.” ~Ahhh.~

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