Buy a Jeff Koons “Balloon Dog” Knockoff for $500

by Corinna Kirsch on July 23, 2014 · 2 comments Blurb


Found on Alibaba, China’s biggest e-commerce site: a balloon dog knockoff, fabricated however you like. You can buy up to ten dogs per month at $500 apiece. Sizes vary, too, from 100 centimeters to 30 meters. And, oh, the colors—they come in any color that you can dream up!

We wouldn’t put it past Jeff Koons to put out a cease and desist on VLA Sculpture, the company behind these works. After all, he’s done that before with a San Francisco-based company selling balloon dog bookends. But c’mon, with real Jeff Koons balloon dogs selling for up $58.4 million, just let the people have their equivalent of a fake Louis bag. We the people!

h/t Aram Bartholl via Kyle Chayka

  • Rob Myers

    Or just 3D print your own:


  • bobblah

    I remember when there were dozens of original limited edition Koons balloon dogs just littering ebay in the mid to late Aughties for $500, sometimes less. It really took awhile for the sellers to unload them all back then. Now people have no problem paying 15 grand for one. Go figure.

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