AFC Spotlight: AFC’s Resident Designer Opens a Gallery

by Whitney Kimball on October 29, 2014 Go See

Phillip Niemeyer, "100 New Jobs For 100 Years" for the Boston Globe

Phillip Niemeyer, “100 New Jobs For 100 Years” for the Boston Globe

As many of our readers are well aware, AFC runs on a dedicated network of folks who donate art, who suffer long lines at the post office, who swallow 12 hot dogs in under a minute, who make GIFs for our background, and who design every single pamphlet, publication, and promo material we’ve ever put out.

That last person is Phillip Niemeyer, aka, the design firm Double Triple. Sound of Art? That was Phillip. The high-low majesty of branding around the Art F City Rob Pruitt Art Awards and Auction? Phillip again. “The Past Ten Years” print donated to our Lynda Benglis-themed Christmas fundraiser? Thank-you, Phillip.

Niemeyer recently opened the Austin-based art space Northern-Southern, a rare crossover between art and design, akin to New York’s P!. In keeping with the unpretentious spirit of Double Triple, Northern-Southern begins its shows with simple elements wide open to interpretation: LUCK. HAPPINESSBUTTONS. LETTERS.

The latest, WINDOWS 14, presents objects to be looked at and looked through.

As usual, Niemeyer collects a mix of artists and designers from all over the map: Elana Adler, Brooklyn artist with a background in textiles; New York-to-Austin transfer and painter Jeana Baumgardner; still life photographer Dan Forbes; the Service Bureau designer Colin Frazer; and more. The full artist list:

Elana Adler, Jeana Baumgardner, Shawn Camp, Hannah Cole, Dan Forbes, Colin Frazer, Adreon Denson Henry, David R Head Jr, The mysterious writers of the IChing, Paul Kremer, Phillip Niemeyer, Marsha Owett, Vincent Venturella

And if you appreciate the simple brilliance of, say, branding our ham-themed art world Roast around a Helen Frankenthaler-esque ham slice (and we do) then you may need to see this sensibility applied to curating.

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