The Art Fag City Wienerfest in Pictures

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The Wienerfest silent auction wall

Did you come out of Art Fag City’s Wienerfest and Fundraiser wishing for more photographs of hot dogs, pimped out hot dog carts and world champion hot dog eater Takeru Kobayashi? Did you miss AFC’s Wienerfest and fundraiser and wish you could get a report on what happened that wild Sunday afternoon? If your answer was “yes” to either of these questions you’re in luck. We’ve got more pictures and commentary than you can imagine.

A view of Postmasters Gallery, transformed into a hot dog hall.

A shot of our social media wall designed by Jordan Smilovic. Awesome.

Our DJ, Michael Magnan, on Item Idem’s “Felon”, a hot dog cart and sound machine! Man, was that ever great. Magnan knows how to whip up a party. 

Artist and chef Jay Batlle’s gonna do something with those tongs.  

Karen Marsten picks up a dog from chef and artist Jay Batlle.

Artist Jay Batlle’s “Jeff Koons Dog” was the low-carb favorite.

Our art handler Christopher Degrer eats a hot dog.

Nicholas Cueva also prepares to eat a hot dog.

Zut Alors designed these napkins, which we plan to use again!

Michael Mahalchick prepares his “Judy Chicago wiener”.

And it looks just like a Judy Chicago wiener.

Hofmann makes their own mustard, so we asked them to donate some along with their delicious hot dogs.

James Shanghai and Takeru Kobayashi pre-hot dog eating. 

Artists Cyril Duval, Jiminie Ha, and Pete Deevakul.

Daniel Davidson’s drawing booth. Installation view. Courtesy ADA Gallery

A view of the booth when it’s in use. 

Did I mention the drawing booth was awesome? Because it was.

It was also insanely popular. 

Daniel Davidson in action.

A wienerfest attendee visit’s Daniel Davidson’s “Picture Booth”, courtesy of ADA Gallery.

Guy Richards Smit taking a break from emceeing to eat a hot dog.

It’s unclear exactly what’s going on here, but Grossmalerman appears to be trying to communicate something to AFC’s Paddy Johnson.

Another shot of the world’s only hot dog cart DJ booth, just because.

Smack Mellon Executive Director Kathleen Gilrain thanks everyone at the Wienerfest for being awesome!

Takeru Kobayashi and Cyril Duval before their performance.

Item Idem announces  the collaboration between Kobayashi and himself. All proceeds from the documentation of this piece go directly to Smack Mellon. (Contact us, if interested,

World hot dog eating champion, Takeru Kobayashi, moments before wooing the crowd with his mad skillz!

Kobayashi eats 12 dogs in one minute. Incredible!

Kobayashi performs his signature post-hot dog tummy role.

Tamas Banovich, Brent Burkett, and William Powhida seem happy about the whole affair. 

Fundraising consultant David Dean is offered a hot dog.


We’re really not sure who these people are, but we’re certain they are lovely. 

Artist Aaron Williams, Saul Chernick, and Sarah Landreth.

Bartenders Michelle Sauer and Kathleen Flood

Tito’s Handmade Vodka. We like it.

More Becks!

Jodie Lynkee Chow with artist Danielle Mysliwiec.

Twitterati: Artist Michelle Vaughan (@black_von), Reuters Economics Blogger Felix Salmon (@felixsalmon) and graphic designer Jennifer Bostic (@prplst)

Lisa Corinne Davis and a friend

Kate Prentice and Ryder Ripps pose for the camera.

Maria Stasavage, John Ryan Brooks, and Saul Chernick

Karen Marsten, Jen Dalton, and a friend

Marsha Owett, Christopher Austopchuk, and Yelena Deyneko

SVA student Faith Holland

Steven Stern with AFC Executive Director Paddy Johnson

Jiminie Ha and Pete Deevakul

Ad legend Martin Puris. 

Mary Puris and her daughter  Maisy

Kyle Petreycik and Christopher Degrer

Kyle Petreycik and Christopher Degrer

Austin Thomas of Pocket Utopia and artist William Powhida

Toddlers like hot dogs.

These dickhead hats designed by Zut Alors are the best!

Timothy Hutchings found the dickhead party hats!

Get down! Get down! 

Do art parties in New York exist without Steve Kaplan?

Beer. We also like that.

Here at AFC, we’re serious about dancing. We’re very good at it.

Jen Catron and Paul Outlaw. We love them.

The Guggenheim’s JiaJia Fei 

Our silent auction all but sold out!

Bryan Andrew Gunnoe applies mustard to a hot dog as an incredulous wiener fan looks on!

Becks gave us some napkins too. May no schwag go undocumented.

Jeff David Taylor, Carla Gannis, and Justin Petropoulos

An experiment in wiener footwear!

Creative Time’s Todd Florio (@toddflorio) with a friend.

Zut Alors designed this gigantic wiener for us, which they then painted on Postmasters’ wall. 

The raffle is about to begin! Guy Richards Smit prepares. 

Hrag Vartanian had been present all of five minutes and won the raffle tickets to a performance at Irondale. Lucky.

AFC’s Paddy Johnson begins with the raffle action

The raffle! Artist Michael Mahalchick wins the bong by Jesse Edwards! Everyone is happy. But very jealous.

Guy Richards Smit as Grossmalerman and artist Michael Mahalchick joke about the artist’s new role as the proud owner of a water pipe. The end. 

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