Best Link Ever! Santo Gold, an Infomercial for Gold and Outer Space Wrestling

by Whitney Kimball on February 12, 2015 · 1 comment Best Link Ever!

“If you smoked pot in Philadelphia in the 90s, you watched a lot of this”, we were told in a business meeting this morning. This is a commercial for Blood Circus, a 1985 independent science fiction wrestling movie shot in Baltimore, which is a commercial for performer Santo Gold’s jewelry line. It is a two-part film.

According to the Santo Gold site, the film was shot before a live audience of thousands who paid to watch the match. And then, things got out of hand.

The entire audience were scratching fleas off of them. The audience were actually growling and tearing down marques. The Police Department was called as one person was actually chopping down the real metal door of the arena with a real ax. They were invited to attend and also were placed in both movies.

Saving you the trouble of parsing this from the interpretation of a third party ambassador, just read the plot description:

The Scream Machine will occasionally be announced on the screen to invite viewers to scream and when to ” Shut up”. Blood Circus 2 actually has a contest with prizes for you to win that invites you the audience to guess how many times that this one planted lady in the audience actually screams during the incredible match between the Americans and the Russians. See the alien Morads devour 450 lb. VooDo. See the Crying Blonds that had to be practically be pulled into the ring. See the Mummy twirling around the ring as being unwrapped, Watch Vinnie Valentine take on the caged up Dr. Sebastian and the aliens from outer space “The Morads.” See The Whip Girl, the nearly 8 ft. Giant and much more. See Baltimore’s own Sports Legend, The late Charley Eckman. Don’t miss the main event between the Americans and the Russians and how the Americans got the Russians drunk before the main event.

Parents are encouraged to allow loud babies to attend, as they will not be noticed with all of the non stop Commotion going on. Turn your Volume up and enjoy these most fantastic Bazaar Motion Pictures. Now Comprehensible.

Blood Circus is currently seeking a distributor, according to its facebook page. We recommend contacting them. Email Santo Gold at

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whatevermun April 13, 2015 at 1:45 pm

wow seriously, this was internet famous like 10 years ago, keep up the good work!

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