The Art F City SPRNG BRK Fundraiser: Black Tie Meets Wet T-Shirt

by The AFC Staff on February 4, 2016 Fundraiser


Where: Otto’s Shrunken Head
538 E 14th St, New York, NY 10009
When: Tuesday March 15, 6-10 PM
Honoring: Carol Cole
Benefit Chair: Marsha Owett
TicketsBasic Beaches: Artist tickets: $75, General admission: $150, Ticket for an artist: $75  Private Islands (get your own table!): Individual tickets: $600, 2 tickets: $1000, 4 tickets: $1800. Pick them up here!
Paddle8 auction on now! Auctioneer: CK Swett
Dress code: Island attire

Put your t-shirts on and get your hoses out. March 15th, the Art F City team will bring Spring Break and all its excess to New York for its annual spring benefit, this year honoring Carol Cole. Prepare for a night of utter mayhem.

And when we say mayhem, we mean it! You won’t believe the line-up of events—and we’re just getting started! Take a look.

  • “Best Man-Boobs of the Art World” wet t-shirt contest
  • Roller disco artists with limbo bars
  • More drinks than at the MTV Beach House!
  • Eat hot dogs! Tacos! Bananas!
  • Tropical artwork, performance-artists-gone-wild, and screenings from Ryan Trecartin and more
  • Bid on our Paddle8 auction with art by artists such as Michelle Grabner, Carrie Moyer and Zoe Crosher.
  • Two options for tickets: seating at artist-designed “Private Islands” (with take-home artwork!) and slightly-less-VIP “Basic Beaches”!

Plus we’ll present our annual awards, this year themed Spring Break. What’s on the line?

Your tits. We’ve assembled a team of judges to evaluate the art world’s finest man boobs. The winner takes home a limited edition t-shirt.

Most importantly, we honor Carol Cole, whose work as an artist, feminist, collector, and philanthropist deserves all the lauding these city residents can give her. She works tirelessly to promote the art of women, the art of the under-recognized, and the art of North Carolina’s artists. She is known amongst her peers as a collector and sculptor of breasts. We can’t think of someone who has nurtured the arts more.

So, join us at Otto’s Shrunken Head, Downtown’s premier Tiki Bar, to honor this fine artist, and also, to get our shirts wet. It’ll be the night you never forget.

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Your donation is 100 percent deductible to the fullest extent of the law. 

Benefit committee members:   Meryl Cooper,  Nicholas Cueva, Ursula Endlicher,  Harlan Erskine,  Allen Frame, Asya Geisberg, Kat Griefen,  Bart Keijsers Koning, Eric LoPresti, Jereme Mongeon,  Danielle Mysliwiec,  Kelani Nichole,  Amani Olu, Murat Orozobekov,  Sara Jo Romano, Lisa Schilling,  Andrea Serbonich,  Helen Allen Smith,  Elena Sobeleva,  Austin Thomas,  Michelle Vitelle, Jaimie Warren,  Tom Weinrich,  Alice Wells,  Helena Willner, Edward Winkleman

Driving directions from Jersey Shore! (Does anyone have a connection to Snooki? If so, reach out to We want her at our party!)


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