Replace this Very-Awkward Thanksgiving with Thank Immigrants Day

by Michael Anthony Farley on November 11, 2016 Opinion


This Thanksgiving is going to suck for a lot of people.

Most city dwellers really can’t stomach the prospect of having to sit with one crazy racist uncle who’s going to be gloating about Trump’s win. Some people come from entirely-Republican families, and for them I’m truly sorry. The fact that Thanksgiving is essentially a celebration of colonialism and genocide is the gravy on top of it all.

So instead of trying to not vomit mashed potatoes across the dinner table, why not stay in the city and inaugurate a new tradition? Millions of our neighbors have much bigger problems than tongue-biting this November. Get together with your friends for a potluck of takeout from local immigrant-owned businesses, and tell those immigrants you appreciate them. You’ll end up with way better food, support your neighbors who probably feel really unloved and terrified right now, and lower your carbon footprint by not travelling.


Let’s face it: none of us are thankful for racist uncles. And turkey is overrated. I’m thankful for injera, samosas, gochupajeon, curry, pupusas, falafel, and—most of all—tacos. Neither Paddy nor I are big poutine fans (she fails her Canadian citizenship), but she’ll gladly give you a tour around the local haunts in Queens.

ethiopian-food falafel

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