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Can You Feel the Zeitgeist? Michael Jackson’s Funeral Breaks the Internet

by Karen Archey on July 8, 2009

POST BY KAREN ARCHEY Photo AFC What may have been the most poignant day in recent history depressed the shit out of us here at AFC. But our melancholy was due less to Michael Jackson's televised funeral than the weirdly banal status updates via CNN's live video feed and Facebook status plugin. The memorial service […]

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Many Crowns of Michael Jackson To Be Auctioned This April

by Art Fag City on February 23, 2009

This stunning “geniuses in sunglasses” recalls Loshadka’s dog breeds in sunglasses How many crowns does one King of Pop need?  According to The Guardian’s Michael Jackson Neverland Ranch foreclosure and auction highlights profile last week, at least two, coupled by one painting depicting the star as King, a velvet cape, and the royal ready-to-wear jacket […]

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I Wanted A Vacuum Cleaner and Google Gave Me Michael Jackson

by Art Fag City on May 7, 2008

Screengrab AFC  Bloggy types will have already read about Google’s new artist themes, a nifty background image that renders links and virtually any other type in the igoogle masthead unreadable. Also, thank God there’s a Jeff Koons theme, because he’s really been low on publicity lately. To be honest, if I used igoogle, I would […]

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