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Two Sevenths of Seven on Seven

by Anthony Espino on April 23, 2012
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“Artists are the ones who are here to… explain what the technologists are doing, or at least contextualize, and make this [work] make sense,” exclaimed public intellectual and technology writer Douglas Rushkoff in his opening keynote on Saturday at Rhizome's Seven on Seven. Now in its third year, the art and technology conference pairs seven artists with seven technologists. They're given 24 hours to collaborate, and a lot of hyperbole to live up to.

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Notes on Curatorial Ideas For Digital Media

by Anthony Espino on October 12, 2011
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“If I were a curator” rants are always the best; you get years of napkin-scribblings in a matter of minutes, and every now and again you come across something honestly new. Net artist Duncan Alexander has lobbed a few digital art exhibition ideas over at his blog Hypothete, and we just have to quibble.

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