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Bruce Davidson’s Subway at Aperture Foundation

by Christopher Schreck on November 4, 2011
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Despite the occasional mad rant or impromptu bathing session, riding the MTA today is generally a much tamer prospect than it was in 1980, when Bruce Davidson began documenting the trains and its passengers. Those efforts resulted in the 1986 monograph Subway, celebrated as a frank depiction of a unique and perhaps infamous moment in New York's history. A third and final edition of the book is now available, and to mark its release, the Aperture Foundation gallery has a selection of prints on view. While the work ultimately contributes little to the conversations driving art photography today, it nonetheless stands as an anomaly in both Davidson's work and the longstanding tradition of subway photography, and as such warrants some discussion.

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Horror Hospital Unplugged at Derek Eller Gallery

by Whitney Kimball on October 24, 2011
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Why go to a gallery to see a graphic novel? In the case of Horror Hospital Unplugged at Derek Eller Gallery, we're given a larger picture than is offered by the book alone. As with any great graphic novel, artist Keith Mayerson and author Dennis Cooper understand the work as a visual and lyrical rhythm rather than a series of individual pages; the effect, when seen spread out in rows across three walls, is a transformation from linear narrative to a score of washes, scratches, and text.

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RECOMMENDED Recommended Shows for Fall!

by Nicole Demby on September 16, 2010
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Art Fag City has slogged through the glut of fall shows and cherry-picked the best ones just for you.¬† Now we’ve even curated our own curated list to absolve you of even the slightest need to make decisions for yourself!! ¬†Here we present our RECOMMENDED Recommended Shows: John Baldessari: Pure Beauty at the Met, Marcel […]

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Five Shows: Summer Edition

by Art Fag City on July 28, 2010
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If you want to know the must-see art exhibits up now, look no further. This week’s suggestions include shows at P.P.O.W., CANADA, Callicoon Fine Arts, the Folk Art Museum, and Casey Kaplan.

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