Since the early days of the web, users have been posting animated GIFs. Once limited mostly to those shovel-wielding construction workers indicating parked domains, now a profusion of elaborate moving images are shared on Tumblr blogs. The current wave of GIFs are more likely to use appropriated images, but like their hand-drawn predecessors, they are often viewed as annoying.

They attract attention. They flicker and undulate. They stutter. "Graphics Interchange Format"(the technical term behind the acronym) surveys a small subsection of fine art workers within this growing culture of image-makers. Focusing on work that engages both the language of the Internet and fine art, this exhibition aims to articulate the value of the GIF in the context of the gallery. Participating artists include Duncan Alexander, Kevin Bewersdorf, Saul Chernick, Petra Cortright, Stephanie Davidson,, MTAA (Tim Whidden and Michael Sarff), Lorna Mills, Tom Moody, Marcin Ramocki, and Spirit Surfers.

The full press release is available here as a PDF and here as a Word document.