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Superscript: Two Days in an Auditorium with Art Critics

by Paddy Johnson on June 4, 2015
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Let me tell you about what I learned.

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Monday Links: New Developments

by Paddy Johnson and Whitney Kimball on March 18, 2013

  • “His career as a New York City taxi driver began with a graveyard shift, a creative itch, and a brazen interpretation of privacy laws.” The New York Times’ Matt Flegenheimer follows up our story on artist Daniel Wilson’s cabby project. Described briefly: Wilson secretly recorded the conversations of his passengers and played the audio collage he made in the cab while he drove people to The Armory last week. Flegenheimer’s account includes a minor fender bender. [NY Times]
  • Guns sound like flutes, as we heard this morning from artist Pedro Reyes’ gun orchestra. “It’s a spread that would make a cartel boss blush,” remarks Kurt Anderson on Studio360. [Studio360]
  • A profile on Mike Kelley that includes his last days before committing suicide. Tragic. [WSJ] h/t [c-monstah]
  • Christopher Knight dubs the LA-MOCA-National Gallery of Art deal a “big, fat nothing-burger.” All this deal making is a result of MoCA being cash-strapped, a mind-boggling issue for an institution whose board includes some of the richest men in the world. [L.A.Times]
  • Tina Roth Eisenberg (AKA Swiss-Miss) gave a talk last week at #SXSW on her many projects, one of which includes Teux Deux, a to-do app. Roth Eisenberg expressed some frustration today over twitter about push back from users who were accustomed to using the app for free and now have to pay for it.  We want her to know that her talk convinced us not only to use the app, but the importance of charging for projects you want to maintain. [Teux Deux]
  • In internet freedom news, the WSJ’s L. Gordon Crovitz is offending people with his piece “Aiding the Enemy Isn’t Journalism.” In it, he claims that both Bradley Manning and Julian Assange should be charged for aiding the enemy with wikileaks. What? The Freedom of the Press Foundation has run a piece correcting factual errors in Crovitz’s piece. [FoPF]
  • If you’re behind on the Wikileaks story, “Captives of the Cloud,” part 1 and 2, is a lengthy but essential primer. [e-flux]
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More Fire at MoCA: An Art Museum Without Artists [UPDATE]

by Whitney Kimball on July 16, 2012
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MoCA’s controversial forced resignation of Paul Schimmel can officially be upgraded to SOS. In a series of open letters and public resignations, MoCA board members have spent the past week letting the museum know what they think of its decision.

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Friday Links! The Barnes Matisse Hanging Outcry Edition!

by Art Fag City on May 18, 2012

  • Roberta Smith likes the New Barnes and believes the collection should be moved around from time to time. “Blasphemy!” say Barnes purists. Tyler Green says over Twitter that the idea that the collection wasn’t important when it was in Lower Merion is dumb. He’s right, of course, but who exactly is he arguing with? Smith never said that. [NYTimes]
  • Christopher Knight doesn’t like the new Barnes, but both he and Roberta believe the Matisse stairwell paintings suffer now that they’re not in a stairwell. AFC’s Will Brand noted this morning in the office that New Yorkers already have a Matisse in a stairwell. Is it really necessary to complain that much? [LATimes]
  • Animal New York relaunched yesterday. Fancy! [Animal]
  • An interview with Lorna Mills on the Triangulation Blog. In answer to the question of whether posting GIFs on Google Plus is promotion, Mills says, “I only think of promotion as posting exhibition info on G+ and Facebook. The rest of the time I’m making GIFs to throw in the G+ streams, so it doesn’t feel like promo, it just feels like participating in a community of GIF makers.” [Triangulation Blog]
  • The New York Public Library prepares for the future in which all library materials become available through digital devices, and decides to rip the heart out of the central research collection. #longreads [N+1]
  • Support El Celso’s La Luz (The Light), an installation project in Peru. He’s got under $1,500 to raise. I pledged yesterday—you can too! [Kickstarter]
  • If you’re swinging by Seven this weekend (it closes Saturday), then you can also catch the tail end of the inaugural group show at the new Williamsburg gallery Reverse Space. The show features work by emerging artists, including AFC friend Armando Veve. [Reverse Space]
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Missing the Point About #Don’t Follow Twitter Art

by Paddy Johnson on July 9, 2011
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Hyperallergic’s Hrag Vartanian thinks my L Magazine column on Twitter Art is off the mark. As Vartanian tells it, the term itself indicts the author. It’s a cheap ploy for headlines that fails to accurately describe these artist’s practice. Also: Why oh why, did Johnson write a column about bad twitter art and then fail to discuss the most significant artists! I’m exaggerating here for effect – Hrag wasn’t nearly so dramatic — but you get the point. Vartanian believes the examples I chose weaken an already thin case against twitter art (Joy Garnett’s #lostlibrary, An Xiao’s The Artist is Kind of Present, and Man Bartlett’s #24hPort).

Vartanian’s probably right that I could have come up with a better term than “Twitter art”, though the idea that this was a traffic friendly hook used to bring together work with no real commonality is a little far fetched. The truth of the matter is, I don’t believe the pieces have anything to do with one another past their engagement with Twitter. I never made any claims that they did, though I doubt Vartanian would have interpreted much of the article as he did had I more clearly expressed why I chose each artist.

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Gauguin painting’s attacker isn’t the only crazy one | Culture Monster | Los Angeles Times

by Paddy Johnson on April 5, 2011

Gauguin painting’s attacker isn’t the only crazy one | Culture Monster | Los Angeles Times – Christopher Knight name calls in a ridiculous post complaining about a post that appeared on the Washington City Paper’s blog that labels three works in the collection ready for the can. Lighten up. The post is pretty funny and […]

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