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This Week’s Must-See Art Events: Skip Most Fairs, See The Real Hennessy Youngman

by Michael Anthony Farley on May 1, 2017
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Plan comfortable shoes for the week: it’s another inundation of art fairs and satellite events.

Thankfully, Frieze and SPRING/BREAK’s new Brooklyn offshoot are the only big fairs we’re recommending by now, so fair fatigue shouldn’t be too much of a problem. But of course, the city is packed with art star openings, book launches, and more brunches than you can shake a croissant at. We’ve done you the favor of skimming only the best of the best events this week though, to save you from too much overload.

Highlights include Roxy Paine’s creepy interiors at Paul Kasmin Tuesday night, Martin Roth’s Twitter-fed lavender farm at the Austrian Cultural Forum on Wednesday, and Jon Rafman’s screening and book launch at Printed Matter on Thursday. If you’re not fair-pooped after Friday, check out Salon 94’s demon-wrestling solo show from Jayson Musson (of “Hennessy Youngman” fame) on Saturday and Columbia MFA candidates paying tribute to Walter Benjamin at the Jewish Museum on Sunday.

So much more below…

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Jayson Musson’s New Web Series: No Art, Just Hip-Hop and Comedy

by Corinna Kirsch on January 20, 2015

What up, Internet?

Jayson Musson is back on YouTube, but not with his well-known “Art Thoughtz” web-series featuring Hennessy Youngman. Instead, we get “The Adventures of Jamel: The Time Traveling B-Boy,” created and written by the artist and directed and edited by Scott Ross. It’s flashy, and has more in common with Chappelle’s Show than Hennessy’s old show. Straight up, it’s a hip-hop comedy with sci-fi and social commentary thrown in the mix. I wouldn’t be surprised if there’s a pilot in the works for any premium cable channel.

Without giving away any spoilers, in the first episode, we’re introduced to:

  • An Iraqi baby skull filled with Merlot
  • The Illuminati
  • A time-traveling janitor
  • Mention of anal sex with goats
  • Breaking the bonds of slavery with the power of hip-hop

Are we playing Cards Against Humanity? No. This is just Jayson Musson’s new web-world, a world without art. So very populist of you, Musson.

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This Week’s Must See Events: This is What Liberation Feels Like™

by Paddy Johnson and Whitney Kimball on September 16, 2014
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If you thought the barrage of openings was over think again. We’re now into week three of opening season. And luckily there’s some good shows on the horizon. Those who are into military inspired Bauhaus drawings, will be pleased to learn that the Drawing Center opens an Alexander ‘Xanti’ Schawinsky this Thursday. Those who are into memes and digital aesthetics have a discussion at PRATT to attend this Friday with, among other star curators, Christiane Paul (The Whitney) and Boris Groys (everywhere). And finally, this Friday the ICA opens a multilingual opera by Alex de Corte and Jayson Musson we’re more than curious about. Musson will be playing his famed youtube persona Hennessy Youngman, so we can’t wait to see what he does with de Corte.

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It’s Out! Another ArtReview Power 100 List

by Paddy Johnson and Corinna Kirsch on October 17, 2012
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Another ArtReview Power 100 List kicks off today, setting in motion the now annual tradition of quibbling over the top slots. This year, like every year, the list leaves room for shock, jest, and flak over who can muscle their way into the art world’s top ranks. It’s the type of list that leaves you scratching your head: What makes Kunsthalle Zürich’s Beatrix Ruf more powerful than MoMA’s Glenn Lowry? Is it possible to be young and powerful? Poor and powerful? We spoke with ArtReview Editor Mark Rappolt about this year’s list, and how its international jurors tend to reward those working on a global scale.

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An Informal Survey of Swag: The Sociology of Hip Hop In the Micro-World of Emerging Net Art

by Jennifer Chan on September 14, 2012
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Cultural studies has established that suburban white kids love hip hop in a complex manner; heaps has been written on aspiration, colorblindedness, misogynism, emulation, and subordination. But just what makes hip hop so appealing to net artists? Instead of passing off any attempt to indulge in hip hop as a 1:1 relationship between appropriation and mockery, I’m interested in looking at how different artists incorporate hip hop in their artwork to talk about themselves.

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Hennessy Youngman Talk Pretty One Day

by Paddy Johnson Whitney Kimball and Corinna Kirsch on July 12, 2012
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We’re going to dole out this week’s blogger prize for Most Offensive Post one day early, because we’re pretty sure no one’s going to top GalleristNY. Yesterday, the blog celebrated Jayson Musson’s first show at Salon 94 with a two-page profile on the artist full of racist undertones. That’s an awfully strong word, and because we don’t use it lightly, we’re going to highlight exactly what we don’t like and why.

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