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MTAA, Endnode, 2002

  • Regina Hackett responds to my piece at the Huffington Post, offering Claude Zervas’ Cumulus as a better example of art work employing the use of a receipt printer.  In this case, cloud jpegs are converted into ASCII characters and printed out continuously.  It’s beautiful, and as Hackett points out, the piece suggests a uniquely human hubris; the idea that we might remake the weather as we please.
  • Although admittedly vaguely related, Zervas’s stream of paper reminded me of one of my favorite Internet works, Endnode, by MTAA.  Representing the branch like network of the Internet, the nested printers in this Franken-tree drop emails as though they were fruit. The emails come from a list created for the project, my favorite being a collection of ASCII Leaves For Endnode created by Eryk Salvaggio.  Participants could copy and paste these leaves and send them to the endnode list.

  • Culture Monster reports Guest of Cindy Sherman will screen at the Ojai Film Festival.  Made by the famous photographer’s ex-boyfriend Paul H-O, Sherman was not pleased with documentary, and said so at its release at the Tribeca Film Festival last spring.
  • As my name is in the title and my work and self are so abundantly represented, I would like to counter any assumption that I am or wish to be personally associated with it. I am not a participant in any events related to the film’s screenings in this festival or future presentations.

    I apologize to all those who participated, thinking they were doing me a favor in giving interviews and otherwise assisting in the fabrication of this film.

    Against my better judgment, it was clearly unwise to cooperate with the project at its inception.

    Cindy Sherman

    Having seen this movie, I really don’t understand why Sherman is quite so upset; she’s portrayed in a very positive light.  Paul H-O, on the other hand, fairs less well, his inability to deal with his partner’s success, too frequently sounds whiny, despite his best efforts to rationalize the behavior.  The most interesting parts of this film are laid out at the beginning, and have nothing to do with H-O’s personal life.  Detailing his efforts of the cable access show, GalleryBeat, Paul H-O and Walter Robinson describe themselves as the Beavis and Butthead of the artworld.  They are rarely so brilliant, but it doesn’t matter.  There’s a choice scene in which Robinson complains about the show’s tendency to include extraneous footage of gallery corners, and an altercation with Julian Schnabel not to be missed!

  • Jerry Saltz predicts 40-50 galleries will close, at least one major fair, and one major magazine as a result of the current economic crisis.  I’m going to guess Basel doesn’t go under if for no other reason than they have a three year contract with the Miami Convention Center.   I’m no art fair manager, but I’m guessing those kinds of contracts don’t get signed unless you have long term commitments from sponsors.  Also, it is known to be a cash cow.  Even in tough times, I suspect it will still draw  collectors.


t.whid October 27, 2008 at 5:36 pm

thx for the shout-out 🙂

It’s a bummer that we’ve only exhibited this piece once… it’s one of my faves of ours as well…

t.whid October 27, 2008 at 12:36 pm

thx for the shout-out 🙂

It’s a bummer that we’ve only exhibited this piece once… it’s one of my faves of ours as well…

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