Tom Burtonwood Takes Home The Limited Edition Sound of Art LP For His Donation Yesterday!

by Paddy Johnson on October 2, 2010 Sound of Art

And the winner is: Tom Burtonwood

Yesterday Sound of Art pledgers raised over $1,000 dollars to be put towards a record full of the sounds of video art, installations, and performances heard across the city! It was also the day that each $20 donation or more was entered into a raffle for one of only 50 limited edition prints by Michael Smith. This prize had two outcomes: 1. As the picture above indicates, I have now revealed to the world that my handwriting is a parody of itself. 2. Tom Burtonwood wins the limited edition print!!!! Thanks to everyone who participated. Your donations have pushed us much closer to making our $10,000 goal.

Speaking to this our deadline is FAST APPROACHING. As many of you well know, with the Kickstarter platform, those who fail to reach their goal by the end of the campaign receive no funds. Don’t let that happen and pledge now!

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