An Open Letter To Rachel Harrison

by Paddy Johnson on October 8, 2010 · 7 comments Newswire

Dear Rachel Harrison,

I know you typically use posters with a little less font variation in your work, but somehow the poster design for this Tea Party seemed like something you might like.  In particular pay attention to the treatment of capital letters, shadowboxing, and placement of the word professional.


Art Fag City

PS Link tip: Mecredis

  • Anonymous

    that’s the most awesomest flier i’ve ever seen….

  • Judith Braun

    At risk of exposing how outside the loop I am… why is this addressed to Rachel Harrison?

  • Iuchocoa

    I think that was a typo on Paddy’s part she meant to write “An open letter to Jorge Pardo” -did he get that MacArthur Grant because of his sexuality or his ethnicity? I guess with friends in high places we can only guess.
    Or maybe we should ask an art critic but that will take at least 3 weeks for an answer while they “poll the averages” on Facebook seeking a consensus.
    Or we could ask a NY Times critic-you know I have to say “greatest” and “boundless talent” several times in my review of Rob’s show so Gavin still invites me to his parties.
    Did you hear Gavin is closing his gallery to create a perpetual exhibit of Rob’s show like the Dia’s “Broken Kilometer” and the “Earth Room”-its called Perpetual Degradation.

  • Rachel Harrison

    just take heart that most people get through what truly is a very difficult time in life – Freshman Year

  • Livmoe

    “professional” comedy show

  • steven

    A typographic NIGHTMARE. Stretched type and bad shadows/glows.

  • Roman Kl

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