Art Fag City at The L Magazine: Singled Out

by Paddy Johnson on October 21, 2010 The L Magazine

Katharina Wulff, Untitled, 2010

In my latest column at The L Magazine I discuss a few works that stood out for me during my latest Chelsea tour. Take a look:

Sometimes a walk through Chelsea leaves a viewer thinking more about individual works than entire shows. Such was my experience a couple weekends ago, even though the exhibitions were excellent.

This happened first at Mitchell-Innes and Nash‘s Roy Lichtenstein: Reflected(through October 30), an unintended response to Gagosian’s summer show of Lichtenstein’s worst still lives—never have I seen a show that managed to make so many works look the same. Reflected demonstrates the variation available within a single theme and method. Several sketches forLichtenstein‘s trademark paintings, employing the stylistic techniques of comic book artists, line the wall where viewers enter the gallery, and another features a giant tableau where only the word “art” can be seen through what appears to be a storefront window. The piece adds an extra tinge of crassness to a series of large paintings that draw from mass-market imagery.

To read the full piece click here.

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