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by Paddy Johnson on December 27, 2010 Fundraiser

LEFT: Phillip Niemeyer, "Picturing The Past Ten Years", 2010, silkscreen edition of 50, 14 x 20 inches RIGHT: Michael Smith, "Sound Effects/Volume 2010", 2010 Silkscreen edition of 50, 11 1/4 x 11 1/4 inches. Comes complete with Sound of Art Record. This year's highest bidder gets their pick of print!

2010 marks the first year I ran Art Fag City without a second job or grant money. How did it go? In a lot of  respects pretty well. I redesigned the blog (Thanks John Sexton and Veken Gueyikian), I ran a series of New York survival interviews, and launched a new recommended show section. Also, with the help of readers I produced The Sound of Art, an album filled with the sounds of performances, videos and installations across the city, and ran AFC’s popular image essay series IMG MGMT. I’m proud of these accomplishments, but I’m not going to lie — talking about art isn’t easy, and I have to fight hard for the resources to keep doing it.

Yet I do it because the rewards for all of us are so significant. I believe art expresses the complexity, subtlety and beauty of all our lives. And that’s something worth discussing, and supporting. If you read this blog and you like what you read, than I urge you to support AFC.

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