Dave Miko and Tom Thayer: New World Pig

by Art Fag City on January 6, 2011 · 2 comments Reviews

Artist: Dave Miko and Tom Thayer: New World Pig
Venue: The Kitchen512 West 19th Street

We like Tom Thayer a lot. We called his inclusion in a Sculpture Center show last year “undoubtedly the greatest curatorial success” while calling his work “exceptional”, and he was one of the artists to contribute to our Sound of Art LP. For this show, he teams up with artist Dave Miko, combining Miko’s paintings on aluminum with Thayer’s lo-fi animation to tell us a folk tale. Miko’s materials give his work a wonderful range of expression: at times the vivid color and the paint’s not-quite-adherence to the surface feel dangerous, like an unchained beast, while at other times slick gradients and soft grays bring on the feeling of a dream. This collaboration should be an exciting one.

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