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by Paddy Johnson on March 6, 2011 · 4 comments Art Fair

Alex Mirutziu, "Runway Spill No. 2", SABOT Gallery. Photo: Sean Capone

I’ll have more thoughts on the Moving Image fair shortly, but as a primer, Sean Capone was gracious enough to offer his images at the fair, for our latest BLNK essay (check out his review here). 36 individual works are included in this art fair (30 single-channel videos and 6 installation/sculptural pieces) from an international roster of galleries from such locations as Zurich, Romania, Paris, and Ghent. New York is represented by well-known venues like PPOW, Elizabeth Dee, Participant INC,  Pace, and others. Naturally, the fair’s organizer and host, Edward Winkleman also has gallery artists in the show.

Glen Fogel, "With Me You", Participant Inc. Photo: Sean Capone

Andres Laracuentes, "Timepiece". Galerie Yukiko Kawase. Photo: Sean Capone

Leslie Thornton, "Binocular", Winkleman Gallery. Photo: Sean Capone

Janet Biggs, "Airs Above The Ground", Winkleman Gallery

Martin Kohout, "Moonwalk", The Future Gallery

Melanie Bonajo, "Diversion", P.P.O.W. Gallery

Miranda Lichtenstein, "Danse Serpentine" Elizabeth Dee Gallery

Corban Walker, "TV Man", The Pace Gallery

Shana Moulton, "Galactic Pot Healer" Galerie Gregor Staiger


EEH March 6, 2011 at 5:54 pm

I think I might have to go check out the fair. A lot of the images here are pretty tantalizing, especially “Timepiece.”

Alex Mirutziu March 7, 2011 at 1:52 am

Trully a great fair. Thanks for posting.
Alex Mirutziu

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