Art Fag City at The L Magazine: Small-Time Rachel Whiteread

by Paddy Johnson on April 13, 2011 The L Magazine

Rachel Whiteread

This week at The L Magazine I discuss the Rachel Whiteread show at Luhring Augustine. I’m not a fan.

Size matters. Some art needs to be large to be effective; other works should be small. It’s a tricky game to figure out, and when a work fails for this reason, it’s inevitably awkward.

Rachel Whiteread‘s current show of resin doors and windows at Luhring Augustine, Long Eyes (through April 30), is an unlikely example of scale failure. The majority of cast sculptures she’s exhibited in the past reproduce the original object without changing its size and many of those works are successful. I’ll never forget Whiteread’s cast plaster mattress, an object strangely resembling a fossilized relic of domestic life. That piece is occasionally on view at MoMA.

To read the full piece click here.

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