Best Link Ever! A Poodle Dressed As A Snail

by Paddy Johnson on June 7, 2011 · 4 comments Best Link Ever!

"Cindy as a large garden snail"

Who knew poodle hair mutability could match that of the We Network’s Amazing Wedding Cakes? Sandy Paws, an award-winning poodle groomer (that’s a title you can have, now), had this vision, transforming her pet poodle/mascot Cindy into… just about everything.  Garden snails not your thing? No problem! Cindy has become a Ninja Turtle, a rooster, and even a potted peacock. Suck on that, Hipster Puppies! (Hat tip: Patrick Gantert)

Highlights below.

"Cindy as a chicken for Barleigh Creative Grooming"

"Cindy as a Peacock after the show without her feathers"

"Cindy as a Peacock"

"Cindy as a Camel 2007"

"A Poodle Ninja Turtle-Leonardoodle"

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