Best Link Ever! This Machine Destroys EVERYTHING

by Paddy Johnson on June 13, 2011 · 3 comments Best Link Ever!

Anyone else have something they really want to put off for the next five minutes? Here: watch countless man-made and natural materials get garbled to the tune of an 80’s gay porn sound track. This wood-chipper isn’t particularly therapeutic or addictive, but I watched it at work anyway. And then I read the metafilter thread. That’s the way I roll.

  • Nick Fortunato

    When I want to show how destructive something is the first thing I think about is crushing some fruit, fiberglass, tampons and maxi-pads.  But seriously, that thing is pretty bad ass and those guys are having too much fun.

  • Anonymous

  • Mark Tisdale

    Everything that it was promised to be. I had to watch it to the end. 

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