The Art Kids Are Not Alright

by Paddy Johnson on June 26, 2011 · 3 comments Fresh Links!

  • The Art Kids Are Not Alright – “Dear established critics: if you’re thinking that all is a little too smooth and easy in this young art world, it would behoove you to dig a little deeper for the movers and shakers. The Venice Biennale and the critical echo chamber probably isn’t the place to find something new and different. Schor writes that “a general atmosphere of a new conservatism among twenty and thirty somethings is evident on all societal registers.” I think if Schor and Saltz could look around a little more, they would find the liberal dialogue that they’re missing.”

I love this.

  • Les Hutchins

    I’m in a PhD programme in music composition and I’ve been noticing that a lot of composers my age (30’s) are surprisingly conservative, even in institutions that have a reputation for being kind of out.  Obviously, there ARE more adventurous young composers out there – I hope I’m one of them, but it seems like a lot of limitation on the younger set is not coming from boring institutions, but from composers’ own heads, which is not good.

  • Kyle Chayka

    I’m glad the article struck a nerve!

  • Tyler Matehws

    he could have been a little more creative with naming this generation (you saw that coming).

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