• Michael Patterson

    I wrote a paper on a similar topic back in March about how the internet is making postmodernism irrelevant as it provides a way to circumvent traditional power structures:


    • http://jeremyolson.com Jeremy Olson

      Interesting paper, but it seems your conclusion has it almost exactly backwards. 

      Traditional power structures actually seem to be doing just fine. If anything, while we’re all busy polishing our own little corner of the simulacrum (playing Minecraft, liking cat videos, or whatever cos-play dérive may float our various boats) Capital and power are consolidating in the background, in a very real way and at a somewhat alarming rate.

      If anything postmodernism is more relevant than ever. It’s cool that we have a lot more input in generating the play of surfaces, but we ignore the shifting undercurrents at our own peril. Online anonymity isn’t the New Freedom (just ask Bradley Manning) and network neutrality is far from a done deal.

    • Sophie Coates

      hello there
      i am currently writing an essay relating to this – about how the internet is making postmodernism irrelevant. I’d be really interested to read your paper on this for research. Would this be possible?

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  • http://hereisafantasy.com Here is a Fantasy

    This is a cool Ngram that shows how internet’s becoming uncapitalized, but people still prefer their net with a big first letter:

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