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by Paddy Johnson on October 3, 2011 · 2 comments Massive Links

  • Apparently postmodernism is defined, at least in part, by unusable ironic teapots. [V&A Review – The Guardian]
  • Marina Abramovic’s $3.5 mil. Soho apartment now for sale. Nice place, but, um, sterile. [Curbed]
  • Today at 5:30, Occupy Wall Street rallies for the locked-out art handlers at Sotheby’s. [Occupy Wall Street Agenda]
  • Music critic Christopher Weingarten had the best weekend ever: Public Enemy pulled him onstage and proclaimed their love for his Twitter feed, @1000timesyes. Naturally, the whole account is available over Twitter. [@1000timesyes]
  • How to kick Diet Coke: Start drinking selzer. [eatocracy]
  • Expect to hear more about Kate Middleton. She likes art and apparently is talking to a few London museums about throwing some support their way. [Telegraph]
  • Frieze Art Fair launches next week. What to do. [ArtInfo]
  • Paul Slocum got into working with technology in elementary school when he took a summer class for kids to learn Logo graphics programming on the Texas Instruments 99/4a computer. He also reads a lot of religious philosophy. [Rhizome]
  • Looking for a new bank? helps you find local credit unions. [Steve Lambert]
  • A ginormous profile of New York dealer Paula Cooper. [The Observer]



Pan October 3, 2011 at 3:09 pm

Thank you Paddy for continuing to post about the pushback against Wallstreet Gone Wild! Finally my generation is showing a pulse. It only took 4 years of recession, an abysmal job market and $5 monthly ATM fees to get ppl to care enough to take to the streets. This is so exciting. Also the implications for the art world as this inevitably picks up steam are interesting to consider. Artists, at least those not initiated into the Blue Chip inner circle, and the dealer/collector class tend to find themselves on the opposite ends of the social and socioeconomic spectrum. As a young artist who has started to show a bunch over the past few years and truly understand the amounts of wealth serious or even casual art patrons can throw around on their HOBBY(for art collecting is just that), I have struggled with the whole dynamic-we are dependent on moneyed elites who may have gotten to that position through ruthless and socially destructive but systematically approved behavior (the day to day business of a financier)…..Sotheby’s  treatment of their art handlers is truly disgusting, to fire and cut benefits and collective bargaining rights after a year of record profits….these f*ckers across the planet are basically trying to push us back into the middle ages, with Lords and Peasants. I guess Lords, Peasants, and Artisans?

Will Brand October 3, 2011 at 7:08 pm

Wall Street Gone Wild is a million-dollar idea.

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