AFC’s Halloween Headline Wishlist

by Paddy Johnson on October 31, 2011 Annotations


The day’s only halfway through, which means the AFC office has taken to placing bets on what the rest of today’s Halloween content will look like on the art interwebs. Some headlines we consider likely from our favorite art publishers:

Hyperallergic: Demystifying Ghouls

Modern Art Notes: The Spookiest Art of 2011, from Matisse to De Kooning.

CultureGrrl: East Topeka Folk Art Museum Guts Art History, Deaccessions Pumpkin

Galleristny: Slideshow: Top 40 Chelsea Dealers in Halloween Costumes

c-monstah: Eddie Murphy’s Head on the Highway. Not because it’s Halloween-themed, but just because it’s horrifying.

ArtInfo: #OccupyWallStreet, Ai Weiwei, James Franco, Lady Gaga, Ghosts. [Or something similarly SEO-friendly. Their actual Halloween content, an interview with Billy Childish, is much better. (Edit: No, wait, here it is: Damien Hirst something something Halloween.)]

A Year of Positive Thinking (Mira Schor): ________ [No acknowledgement that Halloween exists.]

Tom Moody: halloween on the public internet [Drawn from the three Halloween gifs that weren’t totally gross.]

New Yorker: Resurrected from the Archives: Eight New Yorker Halloween Covers. [Already done!]

Huffington Post: Crazy Zombie Masterpiece Stolen! [The actual post is “A Prelude to Halloween“, but since the entire site currently looks like it can be found under the zombie heading, we’ll go with the former.]

Art Fag City: Halloween Dick Spotted!

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