Announcing The Art Fag City Rob Pruitt Art Awards Auction List

by Paddy Johnson on February 20, 2012 AFCRPAAaA*

Richard Kern, "Jen Haze Smiles and Irons", 1995

I’ve been trying to keep the Art Fag City Rob Pruitt Art Awards and Auction updates from completely taking over the blog, but benefits are such an enormous undertaking that at some point you just give up and hope people will find them as fascinating as you do. I’m not exactly an unbiased source, but with the auction items we release today, I can’t imagine there being any question over whether you should attend. As tweeted yesterday evening, “A live staging of Richard Prince’s deposition is only in the like 80th pctile of crazy in @artfagcity’s benefit auction”. That’s an exaggeration of course — I’d give that re-enactment a far more generous crazy ranking — but the point is well made. You simply won’t find more unique experiences and objects anywhere else.

With that in mind, I direct readers to our Collectrium auction page (also available via download), where the full list lives in all its glory. A few highlights:

I doubt I’ll be ruining any surprises when I say that this last lot will be placed at the end of our live auction, nor that our rebranding to “The Art Fag City Rob Pruitt Awards* Not affiliated with Rob Pruitt, now affiliated with Rob Pruitt” is forthcoming. At Art Fag City we believe in complete transparency.

We also believe in efficiency. Those who wish to avoid lines this Thursday should fill out our bidder form in advance here. Those who can’t attend but wish to place an absentee bid can download our form here. Those who wish to see ANDREW ANDREW DJ will just have to attend. The pair are our latest edition to the event and I couldn’t be happier. They tell me they will be playing bid-friendly music throughout their set (6:30 and 7:30.)

In equally good news, I’m pleased to announce that artist William Powhida will be presiding over the award ceremony this Thursday. I don’t know what light he will chose to shine on the award categories and nominees, but I hope he will be able to shed some light on the relationship between baldness and art criticism. Also, I believe there’s a man and his horse nomination that needs some explanation.

What will not require any explanation are Nate Hill’s Bouncy Rides and Jennifer Catron and Paul Outlaw’s amazing food constructions for the event. There’s a forthcoming post about those performances anyway though, because they are amazing. Buy your tickets now. Space is limited.

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