Everything is Dolphins: Art Book + Role Playing Game

by Paddy Johnson on March 5, 2012 · 1 comment Opportunities

Image: Sean McCarthy

I had no idea there were enough artists in Chelsea using dolphins in their work for Tim Hutchings’ new book “Everything is Dolphins” to include more than say, one. Then I did a search on the blog, and realized how wrong that assumption was: I can’t believe I ever forgot about this Jeff Koons.

Anyway, according to Hutchings’ Kickstarter, the illustrations included in the new tabletop RPG rulebook he’s publishing come from both self-taught and gallery-represented artists. It’s unclear exactly what this game will look like — his campaign simply describes the project as “hovering somewhere between a side scroller video game, talking animal fairy tale, and triptastic fun” (whatever that is) — but I did suss out that you’re supposed to play a dolphin in a world without humans.

I have a particular interest in Hutchings’ latest work, as it was sparked by his Play Generated Map and Document Archive (PlaGMaDA), a collection of gaming ephemera created for or during actual game play that we covered back in 2008. Thanks to a PlaGMaDA donation by Ray Weiss, author of “Everything is Dolphins”, this new incarnation will make its way into just under 60 new homes. With only five days left in the campaign, you too can nab one of these books.

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