• http://twitter.com/mariuswatz Marius Watz

    Glad you liked the text, Paddy, I would be curious to hear any criticism you might have. I don’t allow comments on mariuswatz.com, unfortunately, it’s a portfolio site first and foremost.

  • http://unutterable.org GiovanniGF

    Ironically enough, the CNN article on “Learning to love my big nose” is full of plastic surgery contextual ads.

  • Sadfsf

    This morning I listed to a BBC4 (i think) interview program where a succession of on-the-street Britishers were asked about Hirst’s show that was up, even the ones who seemed art literate were down on it. 

  • R. Emora

    i like Art. i don’t like the time period i live in although i love the world i live in. we are capable of so much more. one thing that encourages me is the thought that 1,000 years from now we will be seen as ignorant barbarians. Perhaps one day we will rise above this disregard for the spiritual we’re currently locked into. everything changes thankfully.

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