The AFC Frieze Fair Slideshow: Warhol Where Art Thou?

by Paddy Johnson on May 4, 2012 · 3 comments Art Fair

If you’ve already seen enough of Jennifer Rubell’s vagina nutcracker at Frieze you’re in luck. We left that out of our slide show in favor of plastering the background of my Twitter feed with that mannequin’s legs. We’re all class here.

As for the trends, ceramics and horses are in, photography, Warhol and uteruses are waaay out. Look forward to Will Brand’s analysis on whatever this means later this weekend. I’m guessing it’ll have something to do with cats.

  • Henry Bogle

    The Ruffalo comment is very funny.

  • Centeles

    Thanks so much for posting. Love the night shot at the end.

  • Saxewar

    PETER WAYNE LEWIS-painter/curator/educator  will miss the fair due to no available tickets so thanks for the pictures.

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