There Are Baby Tigers at Ramiken Crucible

by Corinna Kirsch on May 22, 2012 · 1 comment Go See

Cute baby tigers have invaded the Lower East Side! Norwegian artist Bjarne Melgaard has brought the joy of two tigers—surrounded by designer adult diapers—into Ramiken Crucible. It's all for his current show IDEAL POLE. And from what we've seen on Instagram, it seems like these two furballs have been getting into some YouTube-worthy trouble by ripping up their play area and lounging around with stuffed animals.

We have no clue what the city by-laws are for housing exotic animals, but we're going because the Bronx Zoo won't let you get this close to a tiger. A word of warning though: despite the undoubtable charm of these furry little things, the rest of the exhibition won't be so G-rated. Apparently, the show has something to do with barebacking and Jesus. IDEAL POLE closes at Ramiken Crucible on July 8th, but the tigers will leave on June 3rd.

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