Gallery Girls to Premiere August 13th

by Paddy Johnson on July 5, 2012 · 7 comments Newswire

This summer just got a whole lot more fun more fun thanks to Bravo. The company announced last week that their new reality show “docu-drama”, Gallery Girls, will premiere August 13th, and it’s looks like it’s going to be hi-larious! Just check out the trailer. In one cut, a cast member cites Charlotte from Sex in the City as her inspiration for working in a gallery. New York 101: We know, but you’re not supposed to admit it.

At heart, this is a TV drama about class. An entire segment in a two-minute trailer is dedicated to explaining that Upper East Side girls tend to have blonde hair and tend to have spent time in sororities. Brooklyn girls, it emerges, have “weird clothes.” Noted.

On that note, we can’t wait to see what the “spoiled bitch” typecast Liz Margulies is contributing to the art world. As the daughter of collector Martin Margulies, she’s probably the best-known amongst the seven girls on the show; the rest are Maggie Schaffer, Amy Poliakoff, Angela Pham, Claudia Martinez, Liz Margulies, Kerri Lisa, and Chantal Chadwick. At one point in the preview, Margulies reflects on her privilege: “Everyone has their own path.” Exactly, Liz; this is the story of seven young women each setting out on their own journey. And watching them battle!

Our favorite line, though, comes from Amy Poliakoff, a woman who looks and sounds just like Degrassi: The Next Generation‘s Lauren Collins. “In New York, everyone wants to work in the art world,” Poliakoff tells us gravely. We suspect she knows that sounds silly, and we suspect Bravo’s editing team knew what they were doing in leaving that quote in; like Work of Art, Gallery Girls promises to be a form of confessional roulette. With this lineup, though, the drama may spin itself.

  • Corinna Kirsch

    The gallery girls are always drinking wine.

  • Paul Slocum

    This looks like it could be pretty great.

  • bendthebullet

    AFC Gallery Girls viewing party livestream, let’s fucking do this.

  • John Tomlinson

    Cripes, I can’t tell you how much the voices of those “girls” make me cringe.  I wonder if you young folks are aware that women did not talk that way 20 years ago. They seem like clones to me. I call it “peer-speak”. It has no individuality.

  • Bill Miller

    I’m going to throw up on at least one of these people

    • claudia martinez

      awesome, looking forward to it 

  • Blair Whiteford

    I don’t speak chinese.

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