Blast from the Past: Smith and Wegman’s The World of Photography

by Paddy Johnson on August 17, 2012 · 2 comments Blurb

If you haven’t seen Michael Smith and William Wegman’s The World of Photography (1986), set aside 25 minutes to do so. The film serves students and comedians alike; Wegman plays a seasoned photographer willing to teach Smith, an eager but dimwitted student who maintains the baseless belief that he has a knack for photography. Weirdness ensues. Smith obsesses over sandwiches. Seemingly everything reminds Wegman of his dog. Oddly enough, the whole film is a little like watching Twin Peaks’ Detective Cooper man a photo studio, which is pretty great.

  • fahhool

    Officer Cooper? Do any other characters from Twin Peaks show up? The Log Madame? Elvira Palmer? ROB? Les Loup Brothers?

  • Sam

    [Wegman enlarges photograph]
    Student: Will that give it more meaning?
    Wegman: It will give it more size.

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