Art Fag City at The L Magazine: This Week’s Must See Events: Will Brand Talks at Muse Fuse!

by Paddy Johnson on October 9, 2012 The L Magazine

Will Brand looks a lot taller in real life.

In this week’s event recommendations at The L Magazinewe suggest you go see Will Brand’s lecture tomorrow night at Muse Fuse. There’s some other crap, too—for the three people still interested in talking about the New Aesthetic there’s a talk at the New Museum—but you gotta click through to read about that. Here at AFC, we love Will Brand so much, we’re willing to dedicate an entire post just to promoting his activities.

Wednesday, October 10th

Talk: Will Brand, NURTUREArt
Art Fag City editor and regular L Mag contributor Will Brand will be giving a talk on October 10th at NURTUREart. We get to bask in his infinite wisdom all the time, and now you can, too. If you’ve liked anything from AFC in the past couple years (including guest essays, artist projects, etc.), he probably had something to do with it.
7 PM, 56 Bogart Street, Bushwick

For more events click here.


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