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"The 1%," Letterpress on paper, ed. of 25, 2011. (Photo courtesy of Postmasters Gallery)

As our Wienerfest grows near, one lucky baller now has the chance to own this exclusive letterpress print “The 1%” by William Powhida! This generous donation originally came out of a request from Michelle Vaughan as a birthday gift for her husband, the art market and finance journalist Felix Salmon. Painstakingly typeset by Vaughan herself, we think it would make an excellent Christmas gift for any malcontent in your family. We want it.

We expect this one to go fast, so hurry! Be the first to donate $750 dollars, and this print will be yours. That purchase comes with the added bonus of keeping New York’s best art blog running.

For those with a special taste for irreverence, our first two donors at the $500 level will win an art tour of either Chelsea or the Lower East Side with our boss, Art Fag City founder and editor Paddy Johnson. She’s spent the last seven years, boots on the ground, combing the scene; if you want an inside look into emerging art spaces to watch, this is about as good as it gets.

If you would like the print or a once-in-a-lifetime Art Fag tour, all you gotta do is ask. Please specify your desire in the message field of our donation page and we’ll hook you up. While you’re at it, hurry up and get your tickets for our official Art Fag City Wienerfest and Fundraiser below:



Sunday, December 16th, 3 — 7 PM Postmasters Gallery, 459 West 19th Street, New York, NY, 10011


  • We’ve got wieners by Jay Batlle!
  • We’ve got wieners by Michael Mahalchick!
  • We’ve got wieners by cooks you don’t even know of yet!
  • Marching band music!
  • Plus, a raffle for a ceramic bong by Jesse Edwards and more!

The best part of all? Proceeds from the Wienerfest ticket and raffle sales will go directly to keeping
New York’s best non-profit art blog running AND offering hurricane relief to the hard hit DUMBO
arts non-profit Smack Mellon. Tickets to the event are $90 for the masses ($45 for the ticket, $45 to
Smack Mellon), $55 for Discounted Joint Donation ($45 for the ticket, $10 to Smack Mellon), $35 for artists, and $25 for groups of ten or more. You’ll pay $5 more if you buy at the door.



Awesome! Fill out the form below and finish the transaction with Paypal, and you’ll be placed on the list at the door. Just entire how many tickets of each category you want. If you want to inquire about group rates or want to change any details after purchase, drop us a line at

Tickets and donations are all 100% tax-deductible thanks to our sponsorship by the New York Foundation of the Arts.

I need a wiener and I want to put one in Smack Mellon’s bun as well!

$90 each:

$45 gets you into the event, and $45 goes to support Smack Mellon as they recover from Hurricane Sandy.

I’m an artist!

$35 each:

Or: I’m not an artist, but I want to buy one or more a ticket! If you’ve got someone specific in mind, note them in the additional information field when you check out via Paypal – we’ll make sure they’re on the list.

We’re a group!

$25 each:

A super discounted rate when you buy 10 or more.

My heart is too big.

I just want to donate this amount:

If I give $500 or more, I’ll receive a private lunch and tour around the New York neighborhood of my choice with AFC’s own Paddy Johnson.

Total: $0

Choose your destiny:

Meat hot dogs, with meat. All you can eat.
Veggie hot dogs, with veggies. All you can eat.

Then click this guy:

Thanks So Much To Our Sponsors:

In-kind donations from: Pratt Digital Department, Postmasters Gallery, Sabrett, Zut Alors!, The Pickle Guys, Pioneer Supermarkets, Alaska and more.

Benefit Committee Members: Karen Archey, Christopher Austopchuk, Brent Burkett, Saul Chernick, Nicholas Cueva, Lisa Davis, Deborah Fisher, Marina Galperina, Carla Gannis, Susanne Geiss, Nils Karsten, Meaghan Kent, Marsha Owett, John Pollard, Magda Sawon, Sergio Muñoz Sarmiento, Andrea Serbonich, Sara Maria Salamone, Jonathan Schwartz, Brad Troemel, and Michelle Vaughan.

Tickets & donations are all 100% tax-deductible thanks to the New York Foundation of the Arts sponsorship program. All questions and inquiries can be sent to Corinna Kirsch at

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Donald Frazell December 6, 2012 at 12:42 am

Really? This guy is still around? So clever, so witty, so smart.

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