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Chelsea Art and Tech Galleries on the Move

by Paddy Johnson on May 23, 2014
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The Chelsea art and tech landscape is changing. Eyebeam Center for Art and Technology is moving out of their current location in Chelsea at the end of June. They’re moving to their new 34-35th Street location in Brooklyn’s Sunset Park neighborhood (Industry City), this September. This coincides with the digital art centric gallery, Bitforms’ departure from Chelsea to the Lower East Side, slated for this July and follows the departure Postmasters Gallery last year. This digital art friendly gallery and longtime Chelsea resident, left last year after their rent was raised to $30,000 a month. They are now in TriBeCa.

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An Air of Serenity: Postmasters Reopens

by Whitney Kimball on August 1, 2013
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“Desperate Art Galleries Give Up As Chelsea Rents Double” Bloomberg reported in February. Postmasters had just announced it would be priced out of its Chelsea home and galleries had begun to express worry that experimentation would stop with the rents so high. At the time, the gallery’s rent rose to $30,000/month, and its move, signaled the beginning of that neighborhood’s exodus: one more nail in Manhattan’s coffin as a viable place to live.

But on a warm July evening on Monday, all of that was light years behind us. Yet again, we packed into a new gallery, in a new district, with all the optimism of a fresh start.

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Your Guide to Armory Week

by Reid Singer on March 4, 2013
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Even though the hum around Armory week seems subdued this year, visiting half-a-dozen-plus art fairs can in a few days’ time can feel like a week on a Eurail pass. Naive outsiders are treated harshly, the food is unfamiliar and overpriced, and you spend a lot of time snooping around taking pictures. It’s useful to have an index that you can depend on to guide you towards the things that are worth seeing and away from the things that aren’t. A guidebook if you will. Here’s ours.

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SEVEN: The Fair We Enjoy

by Will Brand on December 8, 2012
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There’s not much point in comparing SEVEN, the boothless, 7-gallery satellite fair in Miami’s Wynwood district, to Art Basel Miami Beach. It has no roving carts of champagne, no collectors’ lounge, and no dealers with hungry eyes sitting watch over their wares. When we visited for their party on Thursday, there was a distressing lack of Diddy. The attitude there—and we say this every year—is simply different.

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Get This Print by William Powhida! #afcwienerfest

by Art Fag City on December 4, 2012
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As our Wienerfest grows near, one lucky baller now has the chance to own this exclusive letterpress print “The 1%” by William Powhida!

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BATTLE AUGUST at Postmasters Gallery

by Leighann Morris on August 7, 2012
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We’re excited about ARTyleria’s latest project: BATTLE AUGUST, at New York’s Postmasters Gallery. A curatorial venture by Paulina Bebecka and Robert von Leszczynski, BATTLE AUGUST showcases two battle-style performances that incorporate everything from image-rigged turntables, to dance battles supported by YAK films.

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What’s Special About V.I.P. 2.0

by Reid Singer on February 7, 2012
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V.I.P. 2.0 began on Friday and ends today. Is the second-ever online-only art fair, truly a product of the 21st century. And yet in many ways it is indistinguishable from a physical event. The one delightful exception to this is net art, whose exhibitors never need to worry about transferring a physical object into digital form. We have here a system that might allow a lot of artists to make themselves heard.

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This Week In Media Arts: Visual Poetry and Projector Parties

by Christopher Schreck on December 5, 2011
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After a week of fairs in Miami, a couple of enticing media-arts events promise to help us settle back into a New York state of mind: Tom Moody talks animated GIFs at the Elizabeth Foundation while Postmasters gallery brings another installment of BYOB to NYC.

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James Franco, Is He Any Good?

by Liza Eliano on June 23, 2010
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James Franco’s first solo art exhibition opens today at Clocktower Gallery and we’re wondering if this celebrity has any chops as an artist. Alanna Heiss, curator of the show, gives praise, but Magda Sawon of Postmasters Gallery thinks differently.

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