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by Paddy Johnson on December 31, 2012 Fundraiser

Damien Hirst's pill cabinet, blingee-fied.

The op-ed pages at Art Fag City have never been more pointed. This year, we drew lines in the sand over Sotheby’s treatment of their art handlers, the never-ending dude centric art shows, and the gratuitous New York Times coverage of the rich. This is what Independent publishing looks like this —pointed criticism with real-world impact—but to keep doing it, we need your help. Your donations keep Art Fag City running.

This year, 100 percent of your donations will go directly towards paying the contributors who make this blog possible. If you’ve read something on this blog you’ve liked this year, if you’ve read something on this blog you’ve disliked this year, I urge you to consider donating. Opinions are valuable. We believe the world is a better place when there are more of them.

Your donation is 100 percent tax-deductible. 

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