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by Whitney Kimball on January 28, 2013 Events

DIS Magazine's Image Studio, courtesy of Suzanne Geiss Company

This week, Bushwick screens video, DIS Magazine holds a stock photo shoot, and seminal people discuss seminal art. Here’s what’s happening on Saturday:

Saturday, February 2nd

Event: DIS Mag Image Studio, Suzanne Geiss Company

At Suzanne Geiss Company, DIS Magazine has invited a group of artists and photographers to churn out imagery riffing on net art’s endless inspiration well, stock photography. Bring your WASPiest.
12-6PM, 76 Grant Street, Manhattan

Pop Up Show: Falling Apart Book Release, Field Projects

Carl Gunhouse’s documentary photos defy what automatically comes to mind when one thinks “post-Bush era America,” or even, “America.” Rather than the typical urban-versus-rural narrative, Gunhouse tends to focus more on the middle majority— a group of chain stores in the desert, for example, or a woman in a red sari, sitting in a snowscape. The images go on view for one night only at the release party for his new book, “Falling Apart.”
6-9PM (One night only), 526 W 26th St. #807, Manhattan

Symposium and opening: Khalil Rabah: Pages 7, 8, 9, e-flux

For several years, artist Khalil Rabah has commented on the tumultuous state of Palestine by imagining the Palestinian Museum of Natural History and Humankind, a fictional cultural museum. Rabah alludes to political upheaval through official and cheery updates from the museum’s various departments (such as botany, geology, and paleontology); the new show at e-flux is based on the museum’s summer 2011 newsletter.

As Rabah’s spent many years speaking to that turmoil, though, you should really go to hear him speak. On 3 PM on Saturday, he’s holding a symposium along with fellow influential Middle Eastern arts workers like Suad Amiry (author and architect), Reem Fadda (Guggenheim Abu Dhabi curator), and Rasha Salti (writer and curator of Lens on Syria), with e-flux editors Anton Vidokle and Brian Kuan Wood.
3PM: Symposium, 6 – 8 PM: Opening. 311 East Broadway, Manhattan

For the week’s full post of listings, click here.

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