The Art F City Campaign for a Magda Sawon Sculpture on the High Line

by Corinna Kirsch on April 23, 2013 Opinion

Busted, the High Line’s latest exhibition, features a wide array of figurative sculpture including a goat man, Colin Powell, and a monumental nose resting inside a wheelbarrow. One figure’s missing from this ragtag cast though, and that’s one chosen by you. As part of Busted, the High Line is letting you nominate a special someone who’ll be turned into a sculpture.

That’s great news because we know who we want to see made into a sculpture on the High Line: Postmasters’ Magda Sawon. Everyone at the office has cast a vote for the gallerist, and we think you should, too.

As part of our campaign, we’ve come up with a bit of text you can cut-and-paste into the High Line’s submission field (it’s only 100 words):

For 28 years, Magda Sawon’s indomitable spirit has coursed through Postmasters. The gallery began humbly, in the East Village, and then found subsequent homes in SoHo, and Chelsea. By the end of May, Postmasters will need to move yet again. Sawon cites her 19th street gallery’s $30,000 a month rent increase as enough of a reason to move to the Lower East Side.

We nominate Magda Sawon as a monument to what Chelsea had been, and what it could be. She is one of many who have left their mark, but have been squeezed out.

Or you can just nominate Kim Jong Un. It’s up to you.

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