Venice Prep: How Not To Wait In Line

by Paddy Johnson and Corinna Kirsch on May 29, 2013 Venice

British Pavilion Hell Line. Courtesy: British Council

Did anyone else spend four or more hours queuing in line to see Mike Nelson’s exhibition at the British Pavilion in 2011? Never. Again. Those making their game plan for the Venice Biennale today may want to get into the pavilions likely to have queue lines early. What are those pavilions? We have a list!

Sarah Sze at the United States Pavilion: Sze has transformed the pavilion into a series of gravity defying objects and there’s only space to let a few visitors in at a time. Get in early.

Shary Boyle at the Canadian Pavilion: Sherry Boyle is known for smallish porcelain figures; we heard that these delicate hand-held ceramics will be shown without vetrines, so the pavilion will need to diligently oversee the number of visitors it has in the pavilion at one time.

Kimsooja at the Republic of Korea Pavilion: Kimsooja’ has turned the glass-walled Korean Pavilion into a space that’s gleaming, with colored reflections everywhere. That type of eye-candy draws crowds, and we’ve already heard predictions of lines.

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