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Paul Germanos June 17, 2013 at 2:07 am

RE: the third bullet point, above, NYT’s Linda Yablonsky incorrectly identifies Gates’ “Dorchester Project” as being located within Chicago’s West Side.

While Gates has identified himself as having been a West Side resident in the past, his “Dorchester Project” consists of several (now three?) buildings located on one block within the city’s South Side.

RE: the fourth bullet point in the article above, Gates has received an appointment at the University of Chicago, following years of support from that same institution.

The UC campus contains the largest concentration of museums near Gates’ “Dorchester Project,” and all of those museums are free. I personally witnessed Gates perform within the lobby of the (always free) Smart Museum during the opening reception of “Feast” only months ago.

I’ve seen Gates too at the the UC’s Renaissance Society, and at opening receptions at Rhona Hoffman Gallery, as well as at his own dealer’s (Kavi Gupta) establishment, and he’s shown (here, in Chicago) at various art fairs where admission was free to bicycle commuters, i.e., the late NEXT.

The idea that Gates has been cloistered in a walled garden is false, as is the idea that all, or even most, museums in Chicago demand large sums of money prior to allowing entrance.

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