Michael Mahalchick Will Have His Own Picasso Baby

by Paddy Johnson and Whitney Kimball on August 1, 2013 Events

Source: Splash via Celebuzz; Photoshop by AFC'er Clara Olshansky

If you didn’t make it to Jay-Z’s performance at Pace, you’ve got another chance to share sweat with celebrities. ART CELEBRITIES. AFC’s own Wienerstar, Michael Mahalchick, is claiming “Picasso Baby” as his own, and will perform the song from 12 – 6 PM tomorrow at Louis B. James on 143 Orchard Street. We’re going.

Why? Because we’ll get in. No RSVP is required. From there, we’ll get to see a performance we weren’t invited to the first time around, by a performer who also wasn’t there.

It’s worth noting that Mahalchick’s worked extensively with bacon and stripping in the past. When asked whether the performance would include either of these things, Mahalchick gleefully told us, “There will be ‘Bacons and turkey bacon’ and ‘Riccardo Tisci Givenchy clothes’!”

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