Come Visit Us at UNTITLED.

by Paddy Johnson and Matthew Leifheit on December 5, 2013 Art Fair

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I’ve been at the UNTITLED. fair all week talking to collectors, curators, and artists about our latest project. You’re looking at it: it’s an exquisite corpse Tumblr called Cloaque, printed and displayed in the form of a scroll housed inside a beautiful, if not slightly terrifying box with a wooden crank. We take our low tech and high tech very seriously.

IMG_0190Founded by Carlos Saez and Claudia Mate, the Tumblr itself is a living work of art. We’ve published only a section of it, ranging from January 2012 to June 2013. In total, it spans 265 feet—roughly the length of a football field—and contains the work of more than 40 artists from over 12 countries. The section displayed above features the work of co-founder Carlos Saez and artist Ian Aleksander Adams. It also happens to include the Linked In picture of yours truly. I promise to point it out to anyone who asks.


In any event, if you’re in the area, you should come by and see the work in person. It’s pretty fun to turn the crank.

Participating artists include: Carlos Saez, Claudia Mate, Ian Aleksander Adams, Fama De America, Anthony Antonellis, Kim Asendorf, Michaël Borras aka Systaime, Blinkinggirls (Sadie Weis and Emilie Gervais), Kutay Cengil, Lenticular Clouds, Devicers, Oleg Dubrovsky, Carol^Error, Ey!magateen, Manuel Fernandez, Emilio Gomariz, Isaacymanu, Georges Jacotey, Kyunghee Jwa, Rollin Leonard, Michael Manning, Mo Marie, Matrixxman, Brian Metcalf, Lorna Mills, Martin Nicolausson, Eva Papamargariti, Tomas Pena, Roberto Piqueras, Dominik Podsiadly, Lorena Prain, Eme Rock, Nicolas Sassoon, Alan Schaffer, Sebastian Thewes, Chris Timms, Clement Valla, Michael Willis, Bryce Wilner, and YNTBP

Creative Directors: Rhett Jones and Paddy Johnson

Mechanism: Matteo Ames

In addition to all this we’ve also got AFC Selects, a collection of 10 new commissioned works, all housed on a drive made of sapphire crystal. Check out the drive below.

IMG_0195Yeah, it’s hot. And the artist work is available for view on our custom website, AFC Selects.

Participating artists: Anthony Antonellis, Jacob Ciocci, Paul B. Davis, Rollin Leonard, Sara Ludy, Lorna Mills, Shana Moulton, Jon Rafman, Rafael Rozendaal, Bunny Rogers, and Nicolas Sassoon

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