Week Six: Female New Media Artist Memorial

by Corinna Kirsch on December 10, 2013 · 1 comment Dream Exhibitions


Dream Exhibitions is a new weekly series that asks artists, writers, curators, and other creative types what as-yet unrealized exhibition they’d like to see. Their response: just two to three sentences. Each week, we publish three to five new submissions. Everyone’s invited, so dream a big dream, and send it our way (Corinna Kirsch, corinna@artfcity.com).

Usually, we feature three to five artists per week for Dream Exhibitions, but this one is “the single best exhibition the world has never seen”—at the very least, it deserves its own post.


Kristen D. Schaffer & Jeremy Bailey
Female New Media Artist Memorial

The Female New Media Artist Memorial is a proposal for a monument for an exhibition that hasn’t happened. Situated on the Washington Mall directly opposite the Vietnam War Memorial in West Potomac Park (see map), it appears as a mirror version of a monument considered one of the most impactful ever erected. Just like its sister memorial, it will list in chronological order, the self-identified female new media artists who have fought and failed to be noticed among their male peers. In total this list represents the single best exhibition the world has never seen.


To look a bit like this.

“Whenever I visit the Vietnam War Memorial I fight back my tears as I realize the scale of the atrocity that mired the United States in controversy and conflict for almost a decade. It would be so great to honour my fellow Female New Media Artists for their continued struggle to be noticed in the arts by mimicking the powerful form of a monument designed by a woman (Maya Lin) who fought so hard to be taken seriously.”

— Kristen D. Schaffer, educator

“Look, we all know I’ve done very well for myself, but I can’t help but notice that Female New Media Artists nearly as talented as me have failed to be recognized for their work in New Media Art. You might think this is just a small step forward for humanity, but actually it’s a giant leap forward for some very lovely ladies.”

— Jeremy Bailey, Famous New Media Artist

We are currently inviting self-identifying Female New Media Artists to submit their names and the names of peers forgotten to fightbacktears@jeremybailey.net.

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Will Brand December 11, 2013 at 2:57 pm

So do we move the Korean War Veterans Memorial to a Tumblr or what?

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